“Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research Institute Cup” mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition has set sail again
Today, the most popular term in the global scientific and technological community is “artificial intelligence”.
The second “Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research Institute Cup” global AI and robot entrepreneurship and innovation competition is hosted by Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research Institute, and hosted by Tsinghua University’s AI Research Institute, Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation, Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Co., Ltd., and Lihe Science and Technology Innovation Group Co., Ltd., which will be launched today and continue until the end of this year, and will be divided into five stages: project collection, audition, promotion, final and award. The competition will collect excellent entries around the world, focusing on the four regions around the Bohai Sea, the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and the central and western regions, and add international and university special sessions.
Build a world-class artificial intelligence industry cluster highland
It is reported that the second “Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research Institute Cup” Global AI and Robot Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will, on the basis of the achievements and experience of the first competition, integrate the top AI technology resources, powerful robot industry resources, as well as the scientific and technological innovation service system of deep integration of industry, university and research, and continue to focus on building “the brand image of innovation competition with deep integration of university, enterprise, industry and research”. Guided by breaking through technical difficulties and solving the common needs of the industrial chain, and centering on the technical development and application direction of artificial intelligence and robots, we will discover and cultivate innovative technologies, teams and talents, and help Tsinghua University and Bozhilin Company become the world-class highland for research and development and industrial agglomeration of artificial intelligence and robot technology.
This competition will promote the innovation mode of “demand traction, event discovery, and industry cultivation”, and discover and cultivate a number of AI and robot technology innovation achievements worldwide. The competition adopts the “two-track competition system”, and sets up technical innovation competition and application scenario competition. The technical innovation competition was held in the form of roadshows and defense, focusing on the discovery of “artificial intelligence technology that can be applied to robots”; The application scenario competition is carried out in the form of demonstration of physical robots/products in the application scenario, focusing on finding “robot integrated solutions formed for the application scenario”.
The relevant person in charge of the competition said that this competition will invite authoritative technical experts and senior investors to participate in the review work, and the participating projects will compete fiercely through various ways, such as data review, jury review, roadshow defense and application scene display, and finally determine the various awards of the competition. The competition will not only set up cash awards of more than 2 million yuan for the winning teams, but also continue to provide multiple value-added services such as application development, investment incubation, talent training, innovation incentives, industry docking and so on for outstanding projects.
Promote the continuous innovation and development of high-end manufacturing industry
In recent years, China’s robot industry has developed rapidly. Even under the influence of the epidemic, China’s industrial robot market still contributed about 40% of the global market share in 2020, and has remained the world’s largest consumer of robots for many years. The outline of the national “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” clearly points out that we should promote the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, deeply implement the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing projects, cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters, and promote the innovative development of high-end manufacturing industries, including robots.
Nowadays, global technology giants regard AI as the next technology tipping point, and have invested huge amounts of investment in R&D and competition. The new round of digital economic revolution has set off an upsurge. Frontier technological changes such as robots, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, big data, digital chemical plants, blockchain, and deep learning are subverting the world and becoming the focus of the layout of countries.
Science and technology are the sharp weapon of the country. The development of artificial intelligence and robots is irresistible. The window of a new round of industrial reform and technological revolution has been opened. Artificial intelligence and robots are becoming the key elements to determine the future competitiveness of a country.
2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”. In this challenging new journey, the “Tsinghua University Guoqiang Research Institute Cup” platform will continue to discover innovative technologies, cultivate innovative teams and talents, help scientific research and development, industrial agglomeration, contribute wisdom and strength to the development of artificial intelligence and robotics in China, and usher in a bright future with scientific and technological innovation.