Yesterday, the capping ceremony for the main structure of the Ubischo Robot Building was held in Shenzhen. With corporate representatives and guests pouring the final concrete, the Ubischo Robot Building took a crucial step towards the overall completion and delivery.
It is reported that the building is a strategic emerging industry headquarters base in Liuxiandong, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. This base is one of the five headquarters bases in Shenzhen. With the goal of creating a strategic emerging industry innovation and development highland in Shenzhen, it focuses on developing emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, drones, and biomedicine.
The Youbixuan Robot Building was designed by the Architectural Design Institute BKL and constructed by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. The main body of the project is a 47-story steel structure tower with a building height of 212 meters and a total construction area of 93899.19 ㎡. As a new landmark of Shenzhen’s science and technology, its design is rooted in the harmonious integration of science and technology with nature, presenting an innovative aerial garden display space that includes architectural structure, spatial quality, and broad vision.
In terms of the design of and hold down, the all steel structure super high-rise design with the frame central support tube that is rare in China is adopted. The bottom is a huge frame. The frame columns around the tower and the giant slant support are converted through the lattice giant frame, leaving only the four corner giant lattice columns to fall to the ground. At the same time, the low area has a large overhang and suspension, with 6-7 floors of high hanging gardens alternately appearing diagonally at the upper part, which is novel in shape and complex in structure. The maximum section of a single member of the steel structure of the project is 4.2 meters, the maximum lifting weight is 58 tons, the maximum inclination angle is 14 degrees, the maximum span is 37.5 meters, and the total steel consumption is about 28000 tons.
As a concrete practice of design innovation, Ubisoft Robotics Building can meet the needs of employees for different office environments. At the same time, it will adopt artificial intelligence robot technology and provide convenient services for employees with the help of humanized and intelligent technological elements.