Cailian News Agency, Feb. 10 (Reuters) – The rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought about a doubling of the demand for computing power. The relevant underlying hardware is on the “air vent”, and CPO – photoelectric co packaging is one of them. According to LightCounting, a market research institute in the optical communication industry, based on port count statistics, the global shipment volume of CPO will gradually increase from 50000 pieces in 2023 to 4.5 million pieces in 2027. A-share listed companies such as Tongyu Communications, Ruijie Network, and Liante Technology have arranged the CPO track in advance. Many industry insiders interviewed by reporters believe that the ultra-high energy consumption under high computing power demand is the biggest pain point hindering the commercialization of artificial intelligence. CPO can significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing costs, and is expected to become one of the solutions.