The 2021 New Generation AI Academician Summit Forum and Qizhi Developer Conference, sponsored by Pengcheng Laboratory and the New Generation AI Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and co-organized by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., will be held in Shenzhen from December 19 to 20, 2021. As the finale of the industry’s high-level academic event, this forum, with the theme of “cloud brain enlightening, open source enabling”, gathered top academicians, experts and industry leaders at home and abroad, focused on AI open source platform, cloud interconnection, intelligent application and other cutting-edge technology trends, and focused on the AI innovation and application results of the new generation of national AI open innovation platform. The conference stressed that let AI leading technology go out of the laboratory, Application and landing of enabling industries.
Academicians and scholars from a high vantage point create a picture of the future
This summit forum, which brings together many academicians and scholars at home and abroad, will deeply discuss the new changes that AI development will bring to the industry and its possible far-reaching impact on the future. The forum invited John Hopcroft, the winner of the “Nobel Prize in Computer Industry” – Turing Prize, Liu Tieyan of Microsoft Research Institute for Asia, Zhou Zhihua of Nanjing University and other famous scholars to share the cutting-edge trend of AI development with the conference guests. The conference also invited many academicians at home and abroad, such as Gao Wen, Yu Quan, Ding Wenhua, Zhao Qinping, Wang Huaimin, Yu Shaohua, Pan Yunhe, Xu Yangsheng and Xu Zongben, to attend the highly anticipated round-table discussion to talk about the cutting-edge progress in the AI field, analyze the new strengths and new problems of industrial empowerment, guide the development strategy positioning under the AI ecological environment, and contribute valuable wisdom and strength to the AI empowerment industry. It is believed that these top academic masters will bring a hearty academic discourse to the audience.
Outline the industry and break technical barriers
Based on the international and domestic open source environment and development trend, the conference also focused on the sharing of cutting-edge technologies in AI field and the display of independent AI open source projects. The conference invited Zhou Bin, CTO of Huawei’s Ascension computing business, Wang Haifeng of Baidu, Huang Tiejun of Beijing Zhiyuan, Li Feifei of Alibaba, Zhang Zhengyou of Tencent and other leaders of the AI industry to show, discuss and prospect how to deepen technology and build an open source ecosystem in the era of AI’s full empowerment; At the moment of deep innovation and integration of the real economy and the digital economy, how to derive new business forms, build new models, create new values, jointly promote the development of the industry, and jointly build a smart future of open source cooperation.
A number of simultaneous efforts to build a prosperous era of “open source”
As a new public infrastructure in the intelligent era, AI computing center is the basic resource guarantee for the development of AI industry. At present, the development of large-scale pre-training models in China is in full swing, the demand for computing power continues to rise, and the construction of AI computing power centers maintains rapid growth. Therefore, in order to promote the rapid development and prosperity of China’s strategic emerging industries, give full play to the enthusiasm of all industries and regions in promoting the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry, and give full play to the maximum value of computing power centers. The 2021 New Generation AI Academician Summit Forum and Qizhi Developers Conference will propose the establishment of the “AI Computing Power Network Promotion Alliance”, based on the principle of “equality and voluntariness, complementary advantages, resource sharing, and win-win cooperation”, combining the needs of AI technology and industry development at home and abroad, integrating industry resources, strengthening mutual cooperation, and improving the level of AI technology, product research and development and application capabilities, Promote the healthy and rapid development of AI industry, ensure the safety of national AI technology and industry, and promote the wide application of AI technology in various fields of society and traditional industries.
In order to encourage and support Chinese enterprises and innovative developers to take the initiative to build an AI open source ecosystem, at the 2021 New Generation AI Academician Summit Forum and Qizhi Developers Conference, Qizhi Community will also announce the selection results of 2021 excellent developers and give a grand award. The conference hopes to attract more developers to join the Qizhi community through this exclusive platform built for open source talents, input a continuous stream of innovation impetus, and form a benign and predictable open source sustainable development ecology.
In addition, the conference also set up several special sessions for AI head enterprises, including Huawei, Baidu and other platform enterprises, on intelligent computing network, open source fund, Ascension AI industrial application, and deep learning technology framework, to promote the integration of open source upstream and downstream industries and build a good ecosystem.
Both top elites and open source developers can find what they need, explore the direction and opportunities in the future market, find new value and find new strength in the 2021 New Generation AI Academician Summit Forum and Wisdom Developer Conference. The number of on-site participants is limited, first come, first served.