On November 30, the MEET2022 Intelligent Future Conference hosted by the quantum bit was held. Dozens of leading enterprise executives, experts and scholars attended the conference to discuss technology development and look forward to the future of the industry. At the meeting, the “2021 Annual Selection of Artificial Intelligence” was officially announced. Shenlan Technology, an AI head enterprise, was rated as the AI pilot enterprise in 2021, and Chen Haibo, the founder and chairman, was rated as China’s AI entrepreneurship leader in 2021.
The selection of various AI awards in 2021 lasted more than months. In the list of award-winning AI enterprises, technology hard core, good capital, business success, and customer trust were regarded as important evaluation dimensions, covering multiple technical dimensions such as computer vision, natural language processing, voice, chip, XR, and spanning vertical industries such as automatic driving, security, finance, medical care, e-commerce, logistics, communications, and content community, The listed enterprises include not only the hegemonic companies with early entry and deep influence, but also the leading enterprises in various industries and the “specialized and special new” enterprises.
As a national-level specialized “small giant” enterprise, Shenlan Technology relies on the core technologies of computer vision, biological intelligence, automatic driving, cognitive intelligence and other independent intellectual property rights, and its leadership in leading the technological innovation and industrial development of artificial intelligence in the subdivided fields of intelligent driving, intelligent robot, intelligent industry and intelligent big health has again been recognized by the industry.
For three consecutive years, it has been awarded the title of China’s artificial intelligence pilot enterprise, thanks to the continuous investment of Shenlan Technology in the field of basic research. Since its inception, Shenlan Technology has won more than 80 top, second and third place awards in the field of global computer science and artificial intelligence, with more than 40 champions and more than 1000 patents applied. It has gradually become an industry leader in various segments.
As the leader of the enterprise, Chen Haibo, the founder and chairman of Shenlan Technology, was also rated as the leader of China’s AI entrepreneurship in 2021. He said that AI is not only an important frontier area for strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological strength, but also a hard-core technology that is deeply integrated with various industries and leads the intelligent upgrading of the economy and society. As an AI enterprise founded by computer vision, with the support of the “Academy of Sciences”, Shenlan Technology has fully understood the underlying logic of specific business, searched for AI use scenarios composed of real pain points, and gradually created an AI capability platform to incubate many technologies and products, most of which have developed into “specialized and innovative” projects. In the future, Shenlan Technology will unswervingly adhere to the concept of “artificial intelligence serving people’s livelihood”, It is committed to basic research and application development of artificial intelligence, and strives to build specialized and special new enterprise clusters.
At the recent National “Specialization and Innovation” SME Summit Forum, Vice Premier Liu He said that the soul of “Specialization and Innovation” is innovation, and the capital market will create good conditions for the development of SMEs. Relevant investment experts also said that in recent years, national specialized and special new “small giant” enterprises have been favored by the capital market. AI enterprises represented by Shenlan Technology, the leading enterprise of artificial intelligence, have focused on the main business, practiced internal skills, and strengthened innovation. With solid basic research as the core, they have internally cultivated a number of specialized and special new projects. Each project is expected to become a “singles champion” or “supporting expert” with unique skills, This will be the focus of capital.