Recently, Trumpf, the world’s leading supplier of machine tools and laser technology solutions, has equipped its largest laser metal 3D printer TruPrint 5000 with green laser for the first time.
Now, Tongkuai TruPrint 5000 can be directly used to process large copper components, which is as easy and efficient as 3D printing of stainless steel materials. With this equipment, Tongkuai realized the overall printing of the core copper component of the future particle accelerator – Radio Frequency Quadrupole for the first time, making the production and manufacturing of high-precision components faster, cheaper and more energy-saving.
Tongkuai is equipped with multi-head green laser for metal 3D printer, which can efficiently produce large copper components
Roland Spiegelhalder, product manager of Tongkuai, commented: “Green laser is very important for copper processing. With the launch of TruPrint 5000 Green Edition (green laser version), we will be able to meet the demand for systems with larger installation space for the production of copper components such as motors or heat exchangers.”
It is reported that the system is energy-saving and reusable. Therefore, it is suitable for mass production. Compared with similar machines using infrared technology, users can produce large copper components faster and with higher quality using the new TruPrint 5000 green laser system. In the past, the absorption rate of copper to near-infrared light at room temperature was usually only 5%, which was criticized for its damage to the processing quality and efficiency and the equipment itself.
What’s more, the new TruPrint 5000 can also realize mixed production. Users no longer need to manufacture the entire component separately, reducing time and cost. For example, users of TruPrint 5000 can use the Preform function to print special functions such as cooling channels onto milling or casting components. In the large installation space of the system, the maintenance personnel can also carry out additional maintenance on the turbine blades of the aircraft engine. However, copper has a high absorption rate for green wavelength laser, and the reduction of reflectivity can achieve a more stable and efficient processing process.
However, these excellent characteristics put forward strict requirements for the accurate operation of the system. And Tongkuai’s Preform system, which is based on a complex camera, has become the key to meet these requirements. The improved version of Preform Advanced is also equipped with additional sensors and automatic operation, which can realize the serial production of mixed components.
The manufacturing quality of TruPrint 5000 is so fine that if they produce the same components, there is no difference between the effect of machine A and machine B, that is to say, they can achieve very good reproducibility.
In order to achieve this goal, Tongkuai relies on all its knowledge in additive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and laser technology. In addition, the high-tech company has also done a lot of basic research, such as the gas flow in the system and the exposure strategy of the laser.
Tongkuai TruPrint 5000 is equipped with three fiber lasers, which can produce metal parts with excellent quality faster. Spiegelhalder said: “This multi-laser principle can be simulated as a handwritten scene, just like the user can not only use one pencil, but also use several pencils at the same time.”
Tongkuai has developed an automatic multi-laser alignment system for this equipment. In this system, the laser automatically measures itself at freely selected intervals during operation and independently corrects its position.
About Tongkuai
TRUMPF was founded in 1923. As a consultant unit of the German government, TRUMPF participated in the launch of the German Industry 4.0 strategy and was the first founding member of German Industry 4.0. Tongkuai has been committed to the laser and machine tool fields for a long time, and is also the only manufacturer in the world that can supply extremely ultraviolet (EUV) lithography light sources.
In the 1980s, Tongkuai installed the first machine tool equipment in China. In 2000, Tongkuai established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Taicang, Jiangsu. At present, the business covers high-end intelligent manufacturing industries such as automobiles, batteries, consumer electronics, medical devices, aerospace, etc.
In fiscal year 2021/22, Tongkuai has about 16500 employees worldwide, with annual sales of 4.2 billion euros. The Group has more than 80 subsidiaries and its business covers almost all countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. At the same time, Tongkuai has production bases in Germany, China, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States and Mexico.