As a part of urban life, shopping malls convey people’s pursuit of different aesthetic quality of life, and the most attractive is the display of space beauty. It can increase the artistry of shopping malls, present different visual feelings, and convey emotions through the exchange of things and people.
Application of 3D printing in urban beauty display
Meichen design is like a landscape shape. At the present time when the public’s aesthetic interest is increasing, it is more necessary to transmit the cultural spirit, enrich the cultural atmosphere of life and enhance the visual beautification of shopping malls through the Meichen design of shopping malls.
For large Meichen products, although the traditional process of making molds is skilled, it has long working hours and heavy weight. At the same cost as the fiberglass material, 3DP printing can produce more refined and lighter products faster. Compared with the traditional process, using 3DP printing can save at least two thirds of the production time, and the quality is controllable, and the exquisite degree is far higher than the traditional production.
Introduction to 3DP printing technology
3DP printing technology, also known as Three-Dimensional Printing (3DP), was first developed and designed by MIT in 1993. According to the application of liquid interconnector, the process will dry and solidify each layer with powder to build a three-dimensional solid line prototype.
3DP printing is different from 2d plan printer in feeding paper under the print head. 3DP printer moves the print head on the top of a layer of powder to print cross section data. After the first layer of bonding, the printing service platform will be lowered, and the level roller will flatten the powder again, and then gradually bond a new layer, so as to continue printing layer by layer until the bonding of all models is completed; After printing, the unbonded powder will be recycled, the powder on the surface of the model will be blown out, and the model will be soaked with transparent glue again. At this time, the model will have a certain compressive strength. In theory, all materials that can be made into powder can be formed by 3DP processing technology, and the selection of raw materials is very wide.
It is reported that the sharing · 3D printing workshop uses gravel as raw material, and uses 3DP printing technology to print many beautiful shopping mall products. Let’s take a look
Sharing · 3D printing workshop has the leading 3D digital modeling and printing technology in the country, and has mature experience in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture, art and other fields. It uses 3D printing technology to produce beautiful and old sculptures. Its biggest advantages are: high precision of finished products, integrated molding, no need for mold opening, low cost, short delivery time, and 3DP sand products have certain strength, which can be placed indoors and outdoors for a long time, and can be used outdoors for more than 30 years.
In addition, the 3DP sand products of Sharing · 3D Printing Workshop can also be used for sculpture, relief, antique clay sculpture and other production. The sand mold surface can be modified by polishing, painting and other ways to improve the freedom of creation. 3DP sand printing has low cost and can also be used for large-scale indoor and outdoor theme exhibitions.