The brand new 2023 has begun. The Additive Cloud, together with 3D-MOM (3D printing full-process operation and control platform), helps small and medium-sized 3D printing enterprises to achieve low-cost and efficient full-link, one-stop digital management from customer orders, raw materials entering the factory to 3D printing products leaving the factory, and helps the new process.
The Additive Cloud 3D Printing Full-process Operation Management Platform (3D-MOM) is a full-process collaborative operation management system for small and medium-sized 3D printing enterprises in the field of additive manufacturing.
New product release | 3D printing full-process operation control platform
It adopts distributed micro-service architecture and supports SaaS-based public and private cloud deployment. The function covers core business processes such as sales, procurement, materials, technology, production, quality inspection, inventory, equipment, and finance. Through a set of software, the end-to-end aggregation and transfer of logistics, information flow, and capital flow data are completed to achieve the integration of production, supply, sales, and finance.
Function introduction
[Process management – realize 3D printing process design collaboration]
Based on a set of coding rules, classification definitions, naming specifications and maintenance rules applicable to the 3D printing industry, the guided card mode facilitates the simultaneous maintenance of material master data, routing, process parameters, BOM lists, work instructions and other data, and realizes the association of material BOM, drawings, process parameters and corresponding processes.
At the same time, the system has rich 3D printing process route database, typical 3D printing material database, complete 3D printing process configuration, and provides equipment management, digital identification, product traceability and other features.
[Sales Management – Realize collaboration from sales orders to production plans]
Based on the built-in MPS (Master Production Plan) calculation engine, according to the sales plan, combined with the current inventory, safety inventory, in-process and other information, the production plan order is generated as the production plan source; After the products are warehoused, the sales delivery and delivery shall be completed according to the delivery deadline. The system can issue sales invoices according to the delivery list and sales price to complete the closed-loop sales business process.
[Production execution – realize collaboration from production execution to cost accounting]
The system is embedded with rich production scheduling rules for limited production capacity. According to multiple factors such as product delivery date, process capacity, factory calendar, equipment operation status, tooling availability status, automatic production scheduling is realized to ensure the rationality of production plan.
According to the production management characteristics of different processes in the whole process of 3D printing, the production plan is rapidly transformed according to the product production plan, and other levels, so as to realize the closed-loop control of plan scheduling, plan distribution, completion report, and plan tracking. Confirm the operation completion, report the actual working hours, and the system automatically calculates the output, providing the basis for performance and wage accounting.
[Material management – realize collaboration from material demand to purchase]
Based on the built-in MRP (material demand plan) calculation engine, the material demand plan order is generated according to the master production plan, combined with the current material inventory, safety stock, in-transit materials and other information in the bill of materials; The MRP order can be converted into a purchase requisition. The purchase department generates a purchase order after performing supplier RFQ and quotation. It supports process approval and information push through the mobile terminal.
The qualified materials shall be transferred to the warehouse to complete the purchase and warehousing; The purchase invoice is generated by associating the receipt record to complete the closed loop of the purchase business process.
[Inventory management – realize collaboration from sales, purchase, production to inventory management]
Inventory management covers all issue, receipt and transfer operations. Based on cost accounting rules, the system automatically counts and records the material change information involved in sales, purchase and production into the general ledger.
Establish the material code of raw materials and finished products, record the material consumption and flow through the two-dimensional code, and the system will automatically check and alarm if there is no match. The system supports forward and reverse traceability – reverse traceability to production records, operators, quality inspectors, raw material suppliers, raw material batches and other information. Forward traceability can control the flow of the batch of products, which is convenient for finding, withholding and recalling.
[Equipment management – realize the collaboration from data acquisition to equipment management of the Internet of Things]
Based on the Internet of Things technology, key data acquisition and pre-processing are carried out through equipment communication interface, data acquisition module, PLC, sensor, etc., and typical equipment communication protocol library and data acquisition variable library are established to support flexible configuration of multiple data acquisition methods and quickly match the data acquisition needs of 3D printing enterprises. Based on data acquisition, the efficient management of key production equipment for 3D printing is realized.
New product release | 3D printing full-process operation control platform
The Additive Cloud Platform is a comprehensive industrial Internet platform in the field of additive manufacturing built by Anhui Additive Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Aggregate six resources: design resources, model resources, production and manufacturing resources, product resources, curriculum resources, and software resources; Provide four major solutions: intelligent factory solution based on intelligent manufacturing standard system, remote operation and maintenance solution based on identification analysis system, 3D printing personalized customization solution based on C2M mode, and digital solution for enterprises in additive manufacturing industry. Boost the high-quality development of additive manufacturing industry.