On the morning of September 21, the launching ceremony of the “Smart Digital Future in the Smart Age” Siling Robot North Base Project was held in the Shenzhen (Harbin) Industrial Park of Harbin New Area. Siling Robot established an artificial intelligence robot industrial center integrating research and development, production, testing, demonstration and training in Harbin.
The project of Siling Robot North Base was officially launched to build an artificial intelligence robot industry center
Siling Robot has invested in the construction of the North Base in Harbin, planning to build three parts: the North Headquarters, the Sino-German Institute of Robot Systems and Industrial Technology, and the Vocational Education Sharing Center. At present, it has completed two parts: the North Headquarters and the Vocational Education Sharing Center.
Among them, the North Headquarters focuses on creating typical cases of intelligent manufacturing, and provides demonstration solutions for industrial upgrading of the old industrial base in Northeast China in combination with the advantages of intelligent robot technology; Sino-German Research Institute integrates the robot research and development forces of Germany’s top scientific research institutions and universities in Kazakhstan to achieve the landing of basic technology research in the field of robotics and cultivate high-end scientific and technological research and development talents; The vocational education sharing center adopts the “dual system” teaching mode to complete the closed-loop cultivation of talent industrialization and provide industrial talents for the base enterprises and domestic and foreign robot enterprises.
Subsequently, Siling Robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Harbin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Heilongjiang Huida Technology Development Co., Ltd., Harbin Leju Robot Technology Co., Ltd., and Changchun Hexin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., hoping that through this strategic cooperation, it will work with many enterprises to jointly improve the ability of independent innovation, lead the technological progress of the Longjiang industry, and accelerate the high-quality local transformation of core technological achievements.