New partnerships bring edge computing and AI to the cloud, reducing IT complexity
El Dorado Hills, California and San Francisco, California, September 7, 2022 – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider and cloud computing pioneer OrionVM? Today, Blaise?, the innovator of artificial intelligence (AI) computing with revolutionary edge and automotive computing solutions, was announced?, Become a technology partner to jointly create new AI as a service (AIaaS) products. This pioneering partnership will enable organizations across multiple industries to launch AI solutions faster and more efficiently, including machine learning across a large number of data sets. According to the agreement, the global sales teams of the two companies will sell Blaise’s AI application, which runs on the cloud platform optimized by OrionVM and is supported by it.
The Blaise AIaaS solution can be used in three possible scenarios:
1. Blaise’s unique graphics stream processor (GSP?) chip is used for edge AI and sensor fusion application cards, and can now run on OrionVM cloud platform.
2. You can easily create a client-specific AI environment using virtualization GSP. For example, they can be integrated into edge video monitoring technology to provide complex and constantly updated event analysis.
3. The latest version of Blaise AI Studio can now be used on the OrionVM cloud platform, allowing the development of AI applications, which can be quickly set up to execute workloads without purchasing and configuring complex hardware environments.
“Before the emergence of next-generation cloud solutions like ours, the cost of AI was too high because of the huge infrastructure expenditure and the shortage of qualified programmers. Now, enterprises do not need to build clouds, nor do they need to rely on the inflexible and expensive public cloud to build, test and use AI systems. They can conduct data analysis through AiaaS without expensive upfront capital investment, and enable them to make significant low The cost of using machine learning ability. ” Daniel Pfeiffer, chief operating officer and vice president of OrionVM, said, “We are pleased to see that Blaise’s AIaaS provides cloud advantages such as enterprise security and instant deployment and expansion capabilities.”
Blaise’s AI application can now be used on OrionVM’s infrastructure with flexibility, security, high performance and other advantages, enabling customers to run Blaise AI solutions on the most efficient and flexible OrionVM cloud platform in the industry. Customers will be able to deploy portfolio products to address industry challenges in multiple vertical areas, including:
·Security and video monitoring
·Smart retail
·Smart cities and transportation services
·Life Sciences and Healthcare
Dinakar Munagala, co-founder and CEO of Blaise, said: “When we build AI solutions, we have a deep understanding of the origin and development direction of AI technology. Our innovative methods have helped companies in various industries because we have met their needs for products built specifically for edge AI needs. We program AI solutions to meet customers’ specific needs, thus providing customers with flexibility. Our advanced codeless AI software also uniquely realizes The ‘edge sensing’ transmission learning and optimization are carried out to achieve higher precision model post-compression. Blaise AI has unlimited development capabilities. ”
The AI industry has seen significant growth in the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the data of International Data Corporation (IDC), the global AI expenditure will increase from US $501 billion in 2020 to more than US $110 billion in 2024. According to the edge status report of the Linux Foundation, by 2028, digital medical, manufacturing and retail enterprises may expand the use of edge computing. These departments have shown interest in the ability of AI technology to improve response time and save bandwidth, while achieving less constrained data analysis.
As enterprises in various industries increasingly need to process a large amount of data and take advantage of the power of AI, they will seek the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to incorporate AI technology.
About OrionVM:
OrionVM has developed a set of proprietary cloud infrastructure “building blocks”, forming a new blueprint for the delivery and payment of cloud-based technology solutions. The core architecture of these building blocks is classified as Infrastructure as a Service (“IaaS”) and has been used in many industries. The leading management service providers (MSPs), tier 1 telecom companies and Fortune 500 companies have provided reliable support. OrionVM cloud platform supports private, public, hybrid and bare metal cloud deployment, which can be used for internal consumption or resale. The stack specially built by OrionVM uses InfiniBand and is superior to the existing cloud at a lower price point, which is due to its high efficiency and low sales cost. The self-service portal allows customers to quickly start their own enterprise-class cloud services with zero capital expenditure. Resale partners have full control – from a complete white label rebranding to bill integration and flexible account management. OrionVM’s cloud technology also uniquely supports the deployment of highly customized private cloud solutions and the “cloudization” of existing IT businesses: from traditional hardware models to cloud-based “as a service” environments.
About Blaise:
Blaise is a leading provider of proprietary dedicated full-stack hardware architecture and low code/no code software platform. The platform can provide edge AI processing solutions for computing in multiple large and fast-growing markets at the edge of the network, such as automotive, mobile, retail, security, industrial automation, medical equipment, etc. Blaise’s new solution solves the technical problems needed for edge AI processing across these vertical areas. Blaise has raised more than 180 million dollars from strategic investors such as DENSO, Daimler, Magna and Samsung, as well as financial investors such as Franklin Tempton, Temasek and GGV. Blaise, headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California, has teams in San Jose, subsidiaries in Hyderabad, India, Manila, Leeds in the Philippines and Kings Langley in the United Kingdom, and more than 300 employees worldwide.