In the past, we saw robot butler, robot chat, robot teaching and other scenes in movie blockbusters. Today, with the rapid development of AI AI technology, they have all become reality one by one.
Since the birth of AI technology, highly intelligent technologies and products have penetrated into all aspects of our work and life, and AI’s “simulation of life” will never stop.
The core technology upgrading of the ninth generation of small ice frame by the strong and powerful teams
Xiaobing, which was independently operated by the original Microsoft Xiaobing team, officially released the ninth generation of artificial intelligence Xiaobing on September 22, 2021. It is reported that at present, Xiaobing Framework is one of the complete AI frameworks with the largest amount of interaction in the world. Its technology covers natural language processing, computer voice, computer vision and AI content generation. Among them, in the fields of open domain dialogue, multimodal interaction, super-natural voice and content generation, they all lead the world.
The ninth generation of “artificial life” has been officially released
At this press conference, Microsoft announced that it will integrate its multi-terminal products with Xiaobing. In addition to the Bing search engine that has completed the integration with Xiaobing framework and plans to launch it in more countries next month, personalized recommendation and information flow in Windows and mobile application products will also integrate Xiaobing successively.
It is reported that the ninth generation of Xiaobing has upgraded the framework in several places. In terms of open domain dialogue, the effectiveness of small sample learning and feedback learning has been strengthened, and the five indicators of average dialogue length, context consistency, context relevance, dialogue information content and topic guidance success rate are all ahead of the effect of the super-scale pre-training model of the same industry. It is particularly worth mentioning that the cost of dialogue alone is only one twentieth of that of the same industry.
The conference site showed the actual implementation effect of the latest technical index diversity in AI content generation and small Icelandic products, as well as the style consistency score of the “Project Chararu” project on 200 conversation samples. This year, the score of this project has reached 4.19 points, and it has been commercialized. It is expected to be launched in Japan first within the year.
In addition to the integration with Microsoft’s multi-terminal products, the conference also announced the strategic cooperation between Xiaobing and Nvidia in the fields of natural language processing and computing platform, including the previous strategic cooperation with Zhiyuan Research Institute and Zhipu AI. It is expected that the first version of the multilingual super-scale model will be released in the next quarter.
It is reported that at present, Xiaobing has been launched on multiple platforms and software programs such as PC, web, Android, etc., and has won the favor of many users with its outstanding performance of “life simulation”.
Xiaobing realizes multi-scene coverage
Compared with the single scenario of other intelligent products, Xiaobing’s strategy is to cover multiple scenarios, such as cars, intelligent hardware, social networks, etc.
In the field of smart cars, Xiaobing quickly launched the cockpit solution of smart cars by virtue of its advantages in emotional computing; In the field of smart devices, as early as 2017, Xiaobing team has repeatedly announced cooperation with Xiaomi Family and Mijia Ecological Chain. In 2018, Huawei and Glory have also started in-depth cooperation with Xiaobing in the field of AI voice assistant. At the same time, “summon Xiaobing” added a new Tmall Smart platform. In combination with previous partners such as Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo, Xu Yuanchun, the chief operating officer of Xiaobing, announced that the number of smart devices embedded in Xiaobing has exceeded 1 billion.
The ninth generation of “artificial life” has been officially released
In addition, Xiaobing is also actively expanding the intelligent public domain. This press conference introduced the cooperation between Xiaobing and Japan Railway. By combining instant messaging and platform linkage, passengers can experience a warm and convenient travel experience.
“Little Iceland” launched to create a complete immersive social experience
At this press conference, Xiaobing’s first first-party social platform APP “Little Iceland” was officially released. As a social network platform APP integrating human users and AI, Little Iceland enables human users to create various AI individuals on the platform and form a social network for common life. Through the small ice frame technology, each AI individual is unique and cooperates with each other to provide a complete social and content experience for human users. Small Iceland will continue to iterate with the interaction, and is the first such product in the world at present.
The ninth generation of “artificial life” has been officially released
What are the unique features of Little Iceland’s social platform? At the press conference, Li Di, CEO of Xiaobing Company, expounded from five aspects.
1. Integrated immersive experience: In small Iceland, users can create an island completely belonging to themselves and a variety of artificial intelligence individuals (AI beings) living together on the island. These individuals have different identities, personalities and abilities, can interact immersively and provide users with rich and diverse content, thus forming an integrated social network;
2. Highly customized AI beings: users can create and train their own AI beings according to their own needs, such as their favorite looks, sounds and personality, and even create AI beings with special abilities such as AI singers, audio producers, text creators, painters, or simply obtain their own AI beings from other people’s islands;
3. Human-centered content generation: there are a thousand Hamlets in the minds of a thousand people, and each user’s needs and hobbies are different. Small Iceland can continuously produce various unique content for users according to their preferences, including various long audio, short video, music, text and visual content, and users can also choose different AI beings to provide special content. Users who have the phobia of choice may be a little worried;
4. X Suite Island Edition: In order to improve the efficiency of content production, small Iceland has specially launched X Suite, that is, users can specify AI Beings to produce various long audio and short video content in real time, and automatically obtain complete intellectual property rights, which can be used as their own works on any other platform;
5. Immersive interaction everywhere: the signal transmission of AI beings will jointly constitute the user-centered social life goal. They will cooperate with each other, respond in real time, and reflect it in the generation of interaction, circle of friends and various content. In small Iceland, users can get the experience similar to social network without social pressure, which can be said to be the gospel of social phobia.
Funny Technology has learned that at present, Xiaobing has been reopened online. Users can have one-on-one chat with Xiaobing by following his official WeChat official account. And the 17 million virtual humans created by users through virtual relatives and friends products will also automatically log in to their small Iceland after the end of the preview public beta. Are these “artificial life” with temperature created by artificial intelligence technology very worthy of our expectation?