At the moment of the accelerated landing of AI in the whole industry and the whole scene, this year’s Global AI Product Application Expo (AI Expo, referred to as the Smart Expo) has received more attention, and the most cutting-edge technology innovation and the latest AI product application have been presented to the industry.
In addition to the special era background and fruitful achievements, the “Gold Award” awarded by this Smart Expo is also particularly worthy of attention. Unlike the previous Smart Expo awards, which often choose the best from the best in specific AI technology and product applications, the most attractive “Gold Award” awarded by the conference is the “artificial intelligence computing center solution”, a comprehensive solution for infrastructure construction and implementation.
What exactly is the AI computing center, and why can it win the gold medal? What does it mean for AI development when the industry’s authoritative awards focus on such comprehensive solutions?
The answer to the question may start with some artificial intelligence computing centers.
AI computing center is bringing AI development into the era of “multiplication”
AI computing center is a new urban infrastructure focusing on AI computing, which provides new impetus for scientific research and innovation and the development of digital economy with inclusive computing power.
When the local government has plans for industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation, such an infrastructure has direct value in solving the AI computing power gap of innovative enterprises. If water plants and power stations provide the most basic hydropower resources for industrial development, then AI computing centers are providing the most basic computing resources for industrial transformation – more abundant and cost-effective than self-built or purchased, so that computing resources are no longer a bottleneck.
The AI computing center solution, which won the “Gold Award” at the Smart World Expo, is a set of systematic solutions that support the construction and operation led by local governments, including technology, products and operations. The provider is Huawei, which has experience in assisting governments in building and landing in many places.
At present, Shenzhen Pengcheng Cloud Brain II and Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center have taken the lead in landing, and have achieved full load operation with full utilization of computing resources. They have supported and incubated many scientific research and industrial projects in Shenzhen and Wuhan.
Among them, with the support of Shengteng AI, Shenzhen Pengcheng Yunnao II has achieved E-level AI computing power, with a resource utilization rate of up to 99%; The 100P FLOPS AI computing power scale of Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center Phase I has been in full operation since it was put into operation on May 31. Its core focuses on the four application scenarios of digital design, intelligent manufacturing, smart city, and gene sequencing, which can be widely used in many fields such as automatic driving and smart city. At present, the second phase of expansion has begun, from which we can see the strong and urgent demand for AI computing power from regional industries.
As AI computing centers begin to collaborate with government industrial planning in various regions, it also means that the development of AI has been upgraded from the “technical perspective” to the “industrial perspective”. In the past, the way of promoting enterprises and projects one by one has now become to promote multiple enterprises and projects at one time, adding has become multiplication, and the “X Plan” belonging to AI has been opened.
The AI computing center has achieved the “four completions” of AI industry development by winning the gold medal for systematic solutions
Further, to win the gold medal for a solution, it is not only dependent on the value behind it, but also requires the solution itself to be sufficiently hard core in promoting industrial development.
Specifically, it is related to its complete ability in four aspects:
1. Completeness of technical elements – reject any weaknesses in software and hardware
Since it is an AI computing center, computing power and its use must be the primary requirement for the solution.
In terms of technology, the AI computing center solution presented at the Smart World Expo is based on the basic software and hardware platform of Ascension AI. It provides Atlas series hardware, heterogeneous computing architecture CANN, full-scene AI computing framework MindSpot, application enabling MindX, AI development platform ModelArts and other AI full-stack capabilities from the bottom to the application, whether it is the provision of computing resources, or the access and use of computing power, This set of solutions is fully prepared.
In terms of hardware, the Atlas series of hardware of Sunrise AI fully covers the end-to-end cloud full-scene AI, and can support the most powerful AI computing platform on the market at present. Taking the Atlas 900 cluster as an example, it can reach the E-level computing power, which is the fastest training cluster in the world.
What does it mean for AI to award the golden prize of the Smart Expo for AI computing center solutions?
In terms of software, the full-scene AI computing framework MindSpot can realize one-time training, multi-scenario deployment, and natively support large model training. The heterogeneous computing framework CANN provides 1300+high-performance operators, and MindX greatly reduces the threshold of AI application development. These all make AI development extremely easy to use. In addition to computing power, more types of enterprises can easily use good computing power, thus accelerating the landing of AI applications in the industry.
Without the preparation of technical elements of “wooden bucket short board”, it is the first step for the solution to be widely recognized and produce practical results.
2. Perfection of industrial elements — thinking about every corner of the industry
The landing of the AI computing center is for the industry. Therefore, in terms of technology, whether it can promote industrial development in multiple dimensions is the core concern.
Wuhan, as the first city to establish an AI computing center under the guidance of the White Paper of the Development Center of AI Computing Center issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, has built a public computing service platform (inclusive computing power), an industrial application innovation incubation platform (building an AI application demonstration benchmark), an industrial aggregation development platform (promoting the intensive development of AI industry) and a scientific research innovation and talent training platform based on the AI computing center, The AI industry layout of “one center and four platforms” has been formed. Now, these have become the main content of the AI computing center solution, which can realize the five-in-one connection of “government, industry, education, research and application”, and better promote the industrial intelligent upgrading.
3. Complete construction elements – provide fast and high-quality layout capability
For the local governments that lead the construction and operation, the macro-level industrial policies have been widely spread in recent years, and the competitions in various regions have also been put on the table to some extent, which means that the launch of the AI computing center has become not only necessary but also urgent.
At this time, the most realistic demand of the local government is a set of integrated solutions that can go online quickly and operate stably. It can be seen that the AI computing center solution provides the local government with a construction mode that can be popularly called “worry saving”. In addition to the technical and industrial elements, the demand has been fully considered in the construction and operation.
On the one hand, the solution can achieve rapid delivery through the delivery of prefabricated modular machine room+complete cabinet. The core construction period is only 3.5 to 4 months, which is much lower than most digital projects. Shenzhen Pengcheng Cloud Brain II and Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center have achieved short-cycle landing, and quickly respond to industrial computing needs;
On the other hand, as an integrated solution, the solution also “defaults” to provide the ability of continuous operation after its implementation, not only supporting the construction of an ecological innovation center to provide auxiliary operation service support, but also improving the efficiency of the center’s operation through some technical and industrial operation support, such as the high utilization rate of computing power of Shenzhen Pengcheng Cloud Brain II, and the fact that Wuhan Artificial Intelligence Computing Center has served 20+computing users.
4. Perfection of social elements – achieving synergy between technological development and social vision
As a future-oriented industrial infrastructure project, the artificial intelligence computing center will inevitably be linked with the theme of the era, and the widely emerging concept of carbon neutrality is one of them. The local government’s requirements for an AI computing center solution are not only the use of computing power and computing power, but also energy consumption and other low-carbon related issues to be considered.
At this time, the advantage of low energy consumption of the Ascension AI computing architecture in the solution is revealed. In addition, the reduction of heat generation and the liquid cooling room system make the energy consumption of “non computing power supply equipment” controlled. In this way, the artificial intelligence computing center is in line with the pace of social development outside the industry and has more long-term value.
AI computing center will accelerate the landing and AI development will enter a doubling period
As mentioned above, Shenzhen Pengcheng Cloud Brain and Wuhan AI Computing Center are in fact, Xi’an Future AI Computing Center was officially launched on September 9, and Zhongyuan AI Computing Center is under construction; Dalian, Nanjing and other cities have been preparing for construction.
Due to the integration of the solution in technology, industry promotion, construction and operation, the artificial intelligence computing center based on the Shengteng AI basic software and hardware platform can be rapidly deployed nationwide according to local conditions. Local governments can quickly build their own infrastructure with the support of the technical service provider according to this solution. In the future, more cities with relevant industrial planning will join this camp.
Once AI computing centers become the normal state of AI development, it also means that AI-related industries and scenario applications will be implemented in a multiplier way, and AI computing centers around the world will act as an acceleration engine to promote the comprehensive intelligent upgrading of local industries. In short, with the arrival of AI computing center, the path of AI development is undergoing important changes. How to meet this change and get the first chance is a priority for local governments and industries.
For those who are concerned about the development of AI computing centers, the upcoming Huawei All-Connection 2021, which will be held online on September 23-25, is particularly noteworthy. In addition to the latest achievements and industrial application release of Ascent AI, the latest construction achievements of AI computing centers will also be shared. You may wish to look forward to it.