On December 20, 2022, China – Italy France Semiconductor launched the flagship product of 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) LSM6DSV16X. The new product has built-in low-power sensor fusion (SFLP) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) of Italian semiconductor, as well as adaptive self-configuration (ASC) function with significant power optimization effect.
The advanced architecture of LSM6DSV16X supports the processing of complex tasks on edge devices. It is very suitable for advanced 3D mobile depth maps, situational awareness of laptops and tablets, reliable and accurate gesture recognition of XR headphones, and always enabled activity tracking. All processing tasks are completed on the MEMS sensor, because there are three different cores on the sensor, which are used to meet the different requirements of user interface control and optical/electronic image stabilization (OIS/EIS).
The chip integrates an enhanced finite state machine (FSM) to detect fast events and customize gestures. In addition, the latest update of the innovative machine learning kernel (MLC) of Italy Semiconductor has improved the performance of reasoning algorithms such as human activity recognition. Italy France Semiconductor released the immediately available MLC and FSM algorithms on GitHub to help product designers add these advanced functions to new products and shorten the time to market. IMU also outputs AI features extracted by MLC for external processing.
ASC can automatically optimize the range, frequency and other settings of the sensor in real time without the intervention of the main controller. Combined with the sensor low power fusion (SFLP) technology of Italian French semiconductor, ASC enables IMU to have fast and powerful edge processing capability, while the power demand is very low. SFLP allows gesture recognition or continuous tracking, while the working current is only 15? A。
In addition, the LSM6DSV16X integrates the charge change (ST Qvar?) detection channel in the IMU for the first time, and detects the change of electrostatic charge through the electrode in contact with the body or non-contact induction (“radar”) in the smart watch or fitness bracelet. Have ST Qvar? The functional ST MEMS sensor supports advanced user interface control such as touch, long press and slide to ensure seamless human-computer interaction.
As a 6-axis MEMS IMU with high accuracy, LSM6DSV16X has a 3-axis low-noise accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope built in. It has excellent measurement accuracy, adopts industrial standard dimensions, and integrates a new I3C interface. The two structures maintain high stability after reflow soldering, avoiding equipment manufacturers from recalibrating IMU on the production line, and ensuring sensor performance.
The LSM6DSV16X is packaged with 2.5mm x 3.0mm x 0.83mm 14-pin LGA, which is now in mass production. The order price is $2.98 from 1000 pieces. Italy France Semiconductor will continue to expand its third-generation product lineup in the next few months, and add several sensors with different performance and functions.
About Italian and French semiconductors
Italy France Semiconductor is a leading semiconductor company in the world, with strong R&D and manufacturing facilities in Europe. Since 1994, the European Investment Bank has provided seven financing for Italian and French semiconductors, with a total amount of more than 3.15 billion euros. Italy France Semiconductor is an independent semiconductor manufacturer, which has mastered the semiconductor supply chain and advanced manufacturing facilities. It has more than 48000 employees, cooperates with more than 200000 customers and partners, and is committed to achieving more intelligent travel mode, more efficient power and energy management, and large-scale deployment of the Internet of Things and 5G technology. Italy and France Semiconductor promised to achieve carbon neutrality by 2027.