With the continuous implementation of industrial support policies, the application of industrial Internet will be further popularized. The deep integration and development of various technologies have brought new development trends to the industrial Internet. The accelerated development of the industrial Internet has become an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. As the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the industrial Internet realizes the digitalization, networking and intelligent application and development of the industry through the integrated network of people, machines and things.
In many industries in China, such as automobiles and home appliances, the product homogeneity is serious, the downstream consumer demand is increasingly scattered, and the traditional industrial production model is difficult to meet the market demand. The traditional enterprise profit model is facing huge impact and challenges. Industrial Internet has emerged at a historic moment, and has been favored and valued by people with its high quality and efficiency, which can effectively improve the competitive advantage of enterprises. The real value of industrial Internet lies in solving the pain points in the actual industrial application scenarios. The support of various technologies has also enabled the industrial Internet to achieve more efficient and intelligent applications.
Industrial Internet is an infrastructure of industrial digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation based on network, platform, data and security. It is also an application mode of deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy.
AI is the premise for the industrial Internet to realize the true value of digital intelligence. The application of artificial intelligence technology can fundamentally improve the ability of industrial system modeling and processing complexity, uncertainty, commonsense and other problems, significantly improve the ability and efficiency of industrial big data analysis, and provide effective tools for solving diagnosis, prediction and optimization problems in various fields of industry.
Sensor is the foundation and core of industrial Internet, and the key component of intelligent automation equipment. It enables automatic intelligent devices to have perception ability and plays an important role in the industrial Internet. Through the data acquisition terminal of the whole process of industrial internet production, such as hydraulic monitoring, air leakage monitoring, smoke monitoring, lighting, temperature and humidity, location, etc., the production site can be monitored in real time to realize the dynamic monitoring and optimization of the production, storage, logistics and other environments. Once abnormal data is found, rapid response can be made to achieve safe production.
In recent years, China’s sensor market has grown year by year. With the maturity of various sensor technologies, communication technologies and computing technologies, the application demand of the Internet of Things in various industries will be increasing. As an important data acquisition portal of the Internet of Things technology, sensors will bring broad development space. In the future, with the acceleration of the era of interconnection and intelligent perception, robots will enter a new era of information and intelligence. In order to realize this upgrading and development, sensor is still one of the most important and irreplaceable dependencies.