“The digitalization of manufacturing industry will bring great opportunities to Landing AI.”
Author: Darin Editor: tuya Product: financial graffiti
AI start-up Landing AI recently announced that it has won the following awards: Intel Capital (Intel Capital, Intel Capital or Landing AI angel investor), Samsung Catalyst Fund (focusing on investing in emerging technology startups), Canada Pension Investment Council, Insight Partners (focusing on investing in software industry companies) McRock Capital (focusing on investment in the field of industrial Internet of Things) and other investment institutions have invested a total of 57 million US dollars in Round A.
Landing AI, founded in 2017, is an AI technology research and development company, aiming to help manufacturing companies build and deploy AI systems more quickly and easily. Wu Nda, the founder, once founded Google Brain Lab and served as the chief scientist of artificial intelligence at Baidu. In addition, he also founded Coursera (COUR. US), an online education platform in the United States. It is reported that Landing AI has developed a visual inspection tool called LandingLens, which can help manufacturing enterprises develop product visual inspection software that meets their own needs on the basis of this tool.
It is understood that computer vision recognition tools can capture effective information from digital pictures or videos with the help of computers. This technology can be applied in many fields. For example, in the field of automatic driving, autonomous vehicle equipped with visual recognition tools can analyze and perceive the surrounding environment from the video images to enhance driving safety; Another example is that manufacturing enterprises can take this opportunity to detect the defects of the wafers produced, the cracks of mobile phone screens and the defects of auto parts.
Intel and other institutional investors invested in Landing AI this time, perhaps because they saw the huge market incremental opportunities brought by the digitalization of manufacturing industry and the growth potential of Landing AI. George Mathew, Managing Director of Insight Partners, who also participated in the investment, said, “The pace of digitalization and modernization of manufacturing industry is accelerating, and the market size is expected to reach 300 billion dollars by 2023, which will also bring explosive growth opportunities for Landing AI products.”
It is reported that the existing customers of Landing AI include Stanley Black&Decker, an American tool manufacturer, and Foxconn, a Chinese electronics OEM giant.