Recently, Anhui Additive Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Xingrui Additive Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wuhu Yingluo Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Anhui Xitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. have discussed “3D printing intelligent factory construction”, “intelligent equipment remote operation and maintenance”, “personalized customization based on C2M mode”, and “enterprise digital management”. Anhui Zengcai Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will provide the following four services:
3D printing intelligent factory solution
Based on the advantages of Anhui Zengcai Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in the construction of 3D printing intelligent factories, the two sides have launched cooperation on the overall solution of 3D printing technology intelligent factories, including process layout, logistics planning, infrastructure construction, etc. Construction, factory weak current/network system implementation, information system construction, comprehensive commissioning, etc. At the same time, according to the 3D printing intelligent factory planning, build a smart factory that meets the national intelligent manufacturing and enterprise level industrial Internet platform standard architecture.
Intelligent Device Remote Operation and Maintenance Solution
In order to solve the problems of difficult production management, difficult control of production conditions, difficult management of production personnel, low efficiency, low equipment utilization, low production efficiency, and lower than expected equipment scrap rate, both parties provide remote operation and maintenance/use the “Additive Cloud” platform to monitor and maintain intelligent equipment.
Personalized Customization Solution Based on C2M Mode
“Personalized Customization Solution Cooperation Based on C2M Mode” Additive Cloud will build a personalized customization C2M mode according to the characteristics of the enterprise and user needs, including online ordering, online design, online communication, order progress query, print status view, and other services, to solve the concerns of Party A’s customers, improve the user experience and stickiness.
Enterprise Digital Solutions
According to enterprise needs, provide enterprise digital construction planning, enterprise digital implementation blueprint, etc., including providing software development, implementation and integration services (CRM) such as financial management system (ERP), production management system (MES), customer relationship management system, enterprise official website, order tracking, nailing office implementation, etc.
Anhui Xingrui Additive Manufacturing Co., Ltd., headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui Province, has invested 300 million yuan to build a 3D printing intelligent manufacturing and processing center. It has 300 sets of multi size SLM metal 3D printing dual laser equipment, large and oversize SLAs, DLP photosensitive resin 3D printing equipment, ceramic 3D printing equipment, large size FDM polymer material printing equipment, and post processing equipment.
Additive Cloud has reached strategic cooperation with multiple 3D printing enterprises!
With the signing of this strategic cooperation, Anhui Additive Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will provide Xingrui Additive Processing Center with services such as the Internet of Things cloud platform, intelligent control center, remote operation and maintenance, and enterprise digitization, to help Xingrui Additive create a “cross industry, cross system, and cross region intelligent factory for digital visualization 3D printing of the Internet of Things.”.
Wuhu Yingluo Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, processing and service of 3D printing equipment. Professional research and development and production of SLA, SLM, PEAM industrial grade 3D printing equipment, has obtained 15 patented technologies, with an annual output value of over 8 million. In the future, Additive Cloud will help establish a 3D printing innovation center and a visual 3D printing platform.
Additive Cloud has reached strategic cooperation with multiple 3D printing enterprises!
Anhui Xitai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a 3D printing rapid prototyping equipment manufacturer that integrates independent research, development, and manufacturing. According to the agreement, Anhui Additive Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will further improve the service capabilities of personalized customized solutions based on remote operation and maintenance and C2M mode, assist enterprises in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and complete digital transformation.
The Additive Cloud Platform is a comprehensive industrial Internet platform created by Anhui Additive Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of additive manufacturing, aggregating six resources: design resources, model resources, production and manufacturing resources, product resources, curriculum resources, and software resources; Provide four major solutions: intelligent factory solutions based on intelligent manufacturing standards, remote operation and maintenance solutions based on identification and analysis systems, 3D printing personalized customization solutions based on C2M mode, and digital solutions for enterprises in the additive manufacturing industry. Boost the high-quality development of additive manufacturing industry.