On March 5, 2023, the 52nd issue of the 3D Printing Weekly was published. The following are the “major events”, “industry trends”, “interesting manufacturing”, “financing/listing”, “new products” and other content that occurred in the 3D printing industry this week.
——Major events——
A fine of $27 million! 3D Systems violates US export restrictions to China
On February 27, 2023, 3D Systems reached a settlement with the United States federal government, promising a fine of $27 million, equivalent to 187 million yuan. The reason is that the company violated the export control laws and regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and the False Declaration Law of the Ministry of Justice.
It is suspected of sending “design documents, blueprints and technical specifications” to Quickparts.com, Inc., which was a subsidiary of 3D Systems in China at that time. These e-mails contain aerospace technical design drawings that require export licenses in the United States, including military electronic equipment and spacecraft components.https://store.stoneitech.com/
——Industry trends——
Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology: 100 3D printing equipment put into operation
According to the Sixth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology, the group’s Xi’an Aerospace Engine Co., Ltd. Aerospace Special Components Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center has 100 equipment in place and in operation, forming the productivity of additive manufacturing industry development, fully supporting the production and research of key engine components, and promoting the optimization and upgrading of the research and production mode of liquid power.
3D printing media platform 3Dnatives was acquired by SPE
On February 27, the American Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) announced the acquisition of 3Dnatives, a media platform dedicated to 3D printing (additive manufacturing) in France. The platform was founded in 2013 to report the latest trend of 3D printing, with more than 20 team members. The website has more than 1.2 million visitors per month and is one of the top media platforms in the 3D printing industry.
Chuangxiang 3D Assistance Türkiye Donates Emergency Supplies to Earthquake Affected Areas
On February 6 local time, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 successively occurred in southeast Türkiye, and an aftershock occurred on February 28. After the earthquake, Creative 3D cooperated with the local dealer Genix to provide emergency supplies for the local affected people at the first time. Together with Genix’s colleagues, the local staff of Creative 3D purchased a complete vehicle of nearly 1500 disaster relief materials including tents, blankets and other cold-proof items and transported them to the disaster area.
——Fun Manufacturing——
MIT engineers create 3D printed hearts to improve valve replacement surgery
MIT engineers are printing 3D copies of patients’ hearts to improve valve replacement surgery for patients with heart disease. The researcher created a customized robot heart that matched the original form of the patient’s organ, function and blood pumping ability. The team said that heart replicas could also be used as a realistic platform for testing various types of heart disease therapies by research laboratories and the medical equipment industry.
Cadillac CELESTIQ casts auto parts with 3D printing
As a supplier to General Motors, TEI is using the VX4000 of the world’s largest sand mold 3D printer, voxeljet, to print sand cores in 3D, producing large-scale lightweight structural components for the Cadillac CELESTIQ series. Sand casting may be the key technology for producing large metal parts. A total of 51 3D printing sand cores were used in the production process of each vehicle underbody.
Bauer uses 3D printed digital foam in his new hockey helmet
Bauer Hockey, a global hockey equipment innovation leader, partnered with EOS, an industrial 3D printing pioneer and market leader, to incorporate additive manufacturing into Bauer’s MyBauer customized equipment program. The MyBauer REAKT Hockey Helmet uses 3D printed digital foam to ensure a perfect fit on everyone’s unique head.
Revo Foods and Mycorena received 1.64 million grants to develop fungal proteins for 3D printing
Two innovative food technology companies, Revo Foods and Mycorena, jointly used customized fungal protein to reshape 3D printed food. The grant funded by the European Union will be used to develop 3D printable fungal protein to commercialize the first vegetarian seafood substitute. This fund is the largest international funding plan of the EU, aiming at realizing cross-border cooperative research and development projects.
——New products——
Qingfeng Technology Launches iLux Pro Engineering Desktop 3D Printer
On February 28, Qingfeng Technology launched the iLux Pro Engineering, a desktop computer that supports printing a variety of engineering grade high viscosity materials with different performance. This new machine adopts LEAP high-speed printing technology developed by Qingfeng, which can significantly improve the printing speed. At the same time, it is compatible with engineering-grade high-performance resin, combined with the lattice design software and slicing software developed by Qingfeng, and can be suitable for enterprises, universities and research institutes and other application fields.
Platinum released the updated process planning software BLT-BP V2
After more than a year of precipitation, the platinum upgrade process planning software BLT-Build Planer officially released BLT-BP V2 on February 28th, matching all platinum models. This version upgrade further improves the efficiency and convenience of software segmentation and printing, providing users with efficient and low-cost printing path planning solutions.
Stratasys Launches New Multi Material 3D Printer: J3 DentaJet
Recently, Stratasys announced the launch of J3 DentaJet, an entry-level multi-material 3D printer. This machine uses biocompatible resins (transparent, rigid and flexible) to produce mixed components for dental crown, dental bridge model, implant (model, surgical guide plate, gingival mask) and orthodontic model in the same printing operation, which can improve the productivity of implant, dental crown, dental bridge and orthodontic application.