Now for the surface treatment of small and medium-sized workpieces, mechanical methods are used instead of manual methods, including metal and non-metallic workpieces. Therefore, the speed has been greatly improved, and the quality has also been higher. The reason for the increase in speed is that high-speed processing can be performed in large quantities, and the improvement in quality is that it can achieve uniform polishing on each surface of each workpiece, even for workpieces with more complex shapes. The surface and the groove can also be consistent bright and smooth.

In mechanical grinding and polishing, the main equipment is grinding and polishing machine, which includes centrifugal grinding and polishing machine, eddy current grinding and polishing machine, vibration grinding and polishing machine, magnetic grinding and polishing machine, vertical honing machine and horizontal honing machine, etc., all of which can make the surface of the workpiece perfect role. Since we can have so many benefits by using mechanical polishing, we have to do our best to make grinding and polishing more efficient and of better quality.

To make the grinding and polishing machine achieve the best work efficiency, material selection is very important. Material selection refers to selecting the most suitable abrasive material for surface polishing of the workpiece according to the material, shape and specification of the workpiece. That is, before grinding and polishing the workpiece, according to the characteristics of the workpiece and the polishing abrasive material, formulate a material suitable for grinding and polishing the surface of the workpiece and achieve better results, and perform grinding and polishing treatment. The first thing to determine is the grinding and polishing abrasive, which is the main medium for the grinding and polishing of the workpiece surface, so choosing the appropriate grinding and polishing abrasive is the main factor that determines the surface treatment of the workpiece. Then it is necessary to formulate the operation method and plan of the materials used before the workpiece is ground and polished, and determine the types of polishing liquid and polishing agent.


Generally, the surface polishing of the workpiece is carried out in three steps, namely rough polishing, fine polishing and mirror polishing. Choose the specifications and varieties of good grinding and polishing abrasives, polishing abrasives, polishing brighteners, etc. Use rough polishing abrasives for rough polishing, and use polishing abrasives suitable for the characteristics of the workpiece. Fine polishing abrasives are used for fine polishing. Use surface polishing abrasives for fine polishing, and choose the corresponding abrasive brightener. In order to make the mechanical grinding and polishing play a perfect effect.