1. What is the difference between an embedded industrial control motherboard and a PC motherboard

When we understand the difference between the two, let’s first understand what kind of motherboard is embedded industrial control? Industrial control motherboard is a special type of motherboard, which is mainly used in industrial computers to help process industrial projects. The industrial control motherboard is a card-shaped composite board similar to a commercial motherboard. From the perspective of board type, the industrial control motherboard is relatively small, with two or three or four PCL ports! There will be two or more memory module slots, and the industrial control motherboard uses low-power chips to save long-term running time. energy consumption and high temperature.

The embedded industrial computer is characterized by moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and strong adaptability to the environment. Can be used in various designs and industrial applications. Corresponding stability, relatively low accident rate, relatively high stability, relatively low failure rate and other characteristics, the industrial control motherboard is suitable for operation from -40 degrees to 90 degrees, and the temperature range and humidity ratio can also be between 0-95% . It also has a strong self-radiation control ability, which is very suitable for normal work under the working conditions of metal dust or ordinary dust!

In order to understand the difference between embedded industrial controllers and embedded computer motherboards, it is necessary to analyze them from different aspects.

First of all, the biggest difference between industrial control motherboards and ordinary PC motherboards is that there are many PCI slots on industrial motherboards, some of which are ISA slots. PC boards usually don’t do this. Industrial control motherboards do not have graphics cards. There is a PCI-E graphics slot on the computer motherboard. Except for the flexible CPU used by the embedded industrial control motherboard, other CPUs are similar.

In terms of functions, industrial control motherboards have specific requirements and specific functions. Through the special design of the industrial motherboard, it can be seen that it can automatically restart when abnormal conditions such as crashes occur, and prevent power surges and other functions. The stability of the environment is very high. Common motherboards are in demand and have multiple functions.

In terms of stability: industrial control focuses on stability and no faults; the performance of ordinary motherboards is dazzling, and the stability is not as good as industrial control motherboards.

Heat dissipation solution: Industrial control motherboards focus on heat dissipation efficiency, while ordinary motherboards focus on appearance; industrial control is a special requirement, so the quantity is small and the price is high. Common motherboards are usually based on price.

The embedded industrial motherboard can be used in industry because it is relatively stable. The industrial control board is mainly suitable for the generation of some precise data such as industrial control equipment and GPS.

Users can choose the motherboard they want to use according to their own needs, but the industrial control motherboard is helpful to reduce personal costs and increase technical benefits. To increase efficiency and reduce labor costs, the relative price is relatively high. With the continuous change of economic trends, whether it is embedded industrial control or computer PC motherboard, they all play their own unique advantages in different industries and fields.

2. What are the applications of industrial control motherboards in the power industry

With the application of computer information technology in the power industry more and more widely, the power monitoring system is developing in the direction of becoming more and more intelligent, networked and automated. The development and reliability of the power supply and distribution industry have a great impact on the development of the national economy. plays an important role. Therefore, the power monitoring system will choose a customized industrial control motherboard to ensure the operation of the equipment. Generally, it has the advantage of using an industrial-grade industrial control motherboard for the monitoring system in the store.

1. Using the powerful computing power and data storage capabilities of the intelligent industrial control motherboard hardware, the efficiency of data collection and data processing related to the power monitoring system will be significantly improved.

2. The intelligent power monitoring system can provide a friendly human-computer interaction interface, and automatically convert the collected data into various real-time operating reports and historical reports for feedback to the staff.

What is the difference between an embedded industrial control motherboard and a PC motherboard?

3. The intelligent power monitoring system supports computer real-time display and automatic alarm, and the functions of fault self-judgment and self-processing can be completed by the event fault and alarm parameters designed by the customer.

The application of electricity is one of the infrastructures to maintain social development, and the market demand is huge. The working environment can reach -40 ~ 85 ° C, preventing external strong signal interference, and ensuring the normal operation of the power monitoring system for a long time under high load.

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