In this article, the editor will introduce the relevant content and situation of the industrial control motherboard to help you improve your understanding of it. Let’s read the following content with the editor.

First, the characteristics of the industrial control motherboard

1. Stability

Since the industrial control motherboard is used in the industrial environment, it is inevitable to encounter vibrations caused by external forces or other factors during the use of the industrial site. In order to enhance the EMC/EMI performance of the motherboard and enhance the stability of the motherboard, the industrial motherboard will use 6-layer and above PCB circuit board design, 2 layers more than PC main board, multi-layer PCB board design can enhance the anti-electromagnetic interference ability of the main board, making the main board work more stably, so high stability and trouble-free quality are essential of.

2. Durability

The components of industrial control motherboards are generally different from commercial materials. It is necessary to consider the requirements of industrial applications such as high temperature resistance and humidity resistance. Components are used to ensure long-term use in harsh conditions. In many cases, the main board is in continuous operation. Once the machine is started, it may be powered on for three years. As long as there is no power failure and no failure, it basically never rests, so The ability to work continuously for a long time is also a manifestation of durability.

3. Chip architecture type

Industrial control motherboards generally use low-power chipsets to save energy and reduce costs for enterprises. Commonly used chip types include ARM architecture and X86 architecture. Do not turn off the computer all the year round to start the work. The ultra-low power consumption of 1 watt prevents the motherboard from overheating. Compared with the ARM architecture, the X86 architecture has the advantages of flexible expansion and multi-style operation functions. Its functions and The size and format can be customized according to the needs of customers, so as to be able to maintain stable and efficient work in harsh and complex environments.

2. Why do enterprises choose industrial control motherboards?

Through the above introduction, everyone must have a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of the industrial control motherboard. In this part, we mainly understand why enterprises choose industrial control motherboards.

Why do companies choose industrial control motherboards? Everyone knows the motherboard, but not many people may be familiar with the industrial control motherboard. In fact, it is also a kind of motherboard, but it is more suitable for use in industrial places, because, in some respects, the industrial control motherboard The performance of the motherboard is better than that of ordinary motherboards, and it can better adapt to bad environments. The following is a small editor to introduce why companies choose to use this type of motherboard.

1. No fear of environmental impact:

As we all know, the environment of industrial sites is much worse than that of homes and offices. There are adverse conditions such as dust, high temperature and high humidity, and vibration. High-quality materials and advanced workmanship are used to handle the motherboard, so that it can maintain good performance in such a harsh environment.

2. Strong anti-electromagnetic interference:

Under normal circumstances, the mechanical equipment used in industrial places is a highly automated production line, so it needs a computer to control it very precisely. The signal layer, therefore, has a strong ability to resist electromagnetic interference, allowing the computer to maintain better stability during operation.

3. Strong compatibility and scalability:

Since different devices need to be connected to different equipment, and the industrial control motherboard has good compatibility, the various interfaces above are very suitable for use in industrial computers, and can support various connection requirements in various industrial phases. In addition, there are more slots on the industrial control motherboard, which can meet the expansion requirements of the industrial control computer to the greatest extent.

This is why companies choose to use industrial control motherboards. After all, for production companies, using a high-performance motherboard can make the performance of the computer system more stable, which can not only ensure faster computer operations, but also control various processes of the production line. It is more accurate, and at the same time, it can reduce the failure rate and make the production efficiency of the enterprise higher.

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