Recently, artificial intelligence pharmaceutical company “Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical”, Tsinghua University Institute of Intelligent Industry (AIR) and Tsinghua University School of Medicine jointly announced that they have made breakthrough progress in COVID-19 antibody design and optimization. It is reported that the above team has designed COVID-19 antibody (HX001) with broad-spectrum antiviral ability.
The world’s first artificial intelligence designed COVID-19 antibody reached the world’s advanced level
It is reported that the project is committed to driving antibody design with artificial intelligence algorithm, improving the problem of long cycle and weak broad-spectrum of the traditional “human/biological screening+expert design” method, and is expected to achieve the function of predicting the direction of virus mutation in advance, judging whether the current antibody is effective for the new mutation strain, etc. At present, HX001 antibody has been successfully tested in preclinical trials. Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical is carrying out the evaluation of its drug preparation and development, and is exploring cooperation with several pharmaceutical enterprises to jointly carry out the next step of clinical trials and drug declaration.
According to public information, Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical was founded in 2021, and is a new drug development enterprise based on advanced artificial intelligence technology. At present, the company has revolutionary artificial intelligence innovative algorithms for designing various kinds of small and large molecular drugs. Among them, the independently developed protein structure prediction algorithm based on geometric depth learning has reached the world’s advanced level in the accuracy of three-dimensional protein structure prediction tasks, and the accuracy of modeling tasks in key areas of antibodies has greatly exceeded the algorithms such as AlphaFold2 and RoseTTAFold.
In addition, Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical is committed to building a new generation of artificial intelligence scientific computing platform, and combining the self-developed high-throughput biological experimental technology to provide researchers with an intelligent system for micro-world molecular computing, simulation and design. In the field of new drug development, especially macromolecular drug development, Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical innovatively uses artificial intelligence to reconstruct the drug development process, thus greatly improving the speed and efficiency of new drug development.
According to smart bud data, Huashen Intelligent Pharmaceutical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. currently has no patent application that has been published. However, Tsinghua University has rich technical reserves. In terms of patents, Tsinghua University has more than 54000 patent applications in 126 countries/regions around the world. Among them, there are more than 26000 valid patents and more than 30000 authorized invention patents. According to the analysis of the above patents, the academic research of Tsinghua University mainly focuses on magnetic fluid, robot, sensor, neural network, power system and other related technical fields.
It is noteworthy that Peng Jian, the founder of Huashen Intelligent Medicine, is a world-renowned expert in computational biology. At present, he is a senior visiting professor of the Institute of Intelligent Industry Research (AIR) of Tsinghua University, and a tenured professor of the Department of Computer Science and the School of Medicine of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). According to public information, the research team led by Dr. Peng Jian has been deeply involved in the fields of artificial intelligence and life science, and the algorithms developed include drug target matching, protein structure prediction and functional design, disease genetics research, single-cell data analysis, tumor genome analysis, etc.