From July 8 to 10, the 2021 World AI Conference was held in Shanghai. Virtual anchor Ling Yuan, the world’s first Mars rover intelligent man Zhu Rong, iFLYTEK virtual host Yifeng, SMG virtual news anchor Shen? Ya and other intelligent robots made a wonderful appearance, showing the image of AI at the current cutting-edge level in China.
“The key core technology is not available, cannot be bought, and cannot be obtained”. Under the guidance of the “Innovative China” strategy, artificial intelligence, combined with 5G, big data and other technologies, and deeply integrated with the industry, will accelerate the intelligent transformation of various industries, including the financial industry, and lay the foundation for the financial digital transformation.
Since its establishment, Hengchang has actively played the “wild goose” effect of artificial intelligence in the field of financial science and technology to stabilize the path of digital transformation. In the process of actively promoting financial technology innovation, AI will be included in the financial technology ABC development strategy (A is AI AI, B is big data and blockchain, and C is cloud computing), in which AI is the key investment area. This strategy covers machine learning, natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU), deep learning, knowledge atlas, face recognition, voiceprint recognition, and so on. It shows Hengchang’s deep accumulation in the field of financial technology, especially in artificial intelligence over the years.
Standing at the gate of the era of artificial intelligence, Hengchang set up the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in July 2016, continuously increasing investment in financial technology, including AI technology, image recognition technology, and so on, and applied it to various business processes of the enterprise, which pressed the “fast forward key” for Hengchang’s digital transformation.
At present, finance has become one of the best scenarios for AI landing. Hengchang’s AI robots, such as text robots, voice inbound robots, voice outbound robots, and voice quality inspection robots, have been used in multiple scenarios. In the application of text question answering robot and voice call-in robot customer service scenarios, the text question answering robot can achieve 7 * 24 hours of touchable, responsive, non-waiting customer service experience, and has handled more than 80% of customer inquiries; The voice incoming robot answers the questions related to the customer’s personal information query online in real time to ensure that the phone is not missed. The application of AI robot, while ensuring the safety of customer service personnel, on the one hand, reduces the cost of customer service work, on the other hand, it can also ensure that customer needs can be responded in a timely manner, ensuring the service quality of customer service work.
Actively embracing the change and development of digital technology also enables enterprises to continue to have the advantage of first mover. In the new decade, Qin Hongtao, the founder and CEO of Hengchang, has established a new development direction of “finance+internet+intelligent manufacturing”. Under the guidance of this strategy, Hengchang will continue to keep its original intention in mind and improve its internal skills of financial technology. With the seven AI technologies of deep learning, big data, cloud computing, face recognition, voiceprint recognition, knowledge atlas and intelligent customer service as the link, it will connect to cover more users and innovate and diversify The mission of multi-scenario high-quality financial services is to provide intelligent and digital services for more people and unswervingly move towards the distance of digital financial technology.