On July 21, the “Xi’an ‘Qin Chuangyuan’ AI production, study and research achievements docking meeting” was held in Xi’an High-tech Zone, and the construction of AI platform was started.
The future AI computing center will be led by Yanta District, and Huawei will participate in the construction. The center covers an overall area of 32 mu. In addition to building a data room, it has also planned the office, research and development, production and other places needed to develop the artificial intelligence ecosystem. At the same time, the artificial intelligence ecological innovation center is also planned to be located here to support the cooperation of production, learning and research in the artificial intelligence industrial ecology.
The first phase of the center plans 300PFLOPS FP16 (3 billion half-precision floating-point calculations per second) computing capacity, which is the first artificial intelligence computing power cluster in northwest China, and is expected to be officially put into operation in early September.
Huawei’s prefabricated modular scheme is adopted for the construction of the central computer room, and the computing platform is based on the construction of the basic software and hardware platform of Ascension AI, which will provide accurate and reliable model training and reasoning. After completion, it will be used in a variety of application scenarios, such as automatic driving, smart medical, smart city, smart transportation, smart mine, etc., to support the implementation of national strategic tasks and promote the integration of economic and industrial development.
The future goal of the center is to achieve 1000PFLOPS FP16 (10 billion semi-precision floating-point calculations per second) by 2025.
Center positioning: based in Xi’an, relying on Qin Chuangyuan, facing the northwest, leading the world’s new generation of AI computing platform.
After the completion of the center, it will create a safe, autonomous and controllable AI computing base for Qinchuang’s original new drive platform, assist the strategic layout of “one zone, five cities and one base” in Yanta District, support the development of “6+5+6+1” modern industrial system in Xi’an, and strengthen the industrial cluster of artificial intelligence in Xi’an.