At the beginning of the rise of the Internet, many people may not have expected that in the past few decades, it has become so inaccessible in life. Although the Internet has given people equal access to information, it has also mixed with more information that is difficult to distinguish between true and false. People who use the Internet need to screen and distinguish more carefully. However, it is impossible for everyone present to leave the Internet today.
After decades of development, the Internet has spawned many branches, including Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Nowadays, ChatGPT is popular all over the world, and many people are talking about it. Of course, there are also many people who want to use it. Because of the need to apply for the use qualification, some people have started to make money by using ChatGPT. For example, someone on the Internet has made a two-way interface to feed back the information sent by users through the ChatGPT channel. If the number of uses exceeds the limit, they need to charge.
How many people will use ChatGPT?
Speaking of AI, I first thought of Wilsmith’s two films, “The Public Enemy of Machinery” and “I, Robot”. Those two films caused a lot of people to debate that year. When AI brings convenience to people’s lives, whether it will bite back at the human like in the film, although this is just the plot of the film, it still caused some people’s concern.
Back to reality, we don’t know how far ChatGPT’s AI level has reached, and unpredictability is the biggest feature of AI, and AI can only continue to improve through continuous learning, and the pace of progress is far faster than that of human beings. In the future, AI’s in-depth learning will greatly improve work efficiency. Now some production lines have already replaced artificial labor with AI, which inevitably makes more and more people feel the taste of unemployment.
How many people will use ChatGPT?
That said, it may take a long time for the worries caused by AI to become a common phenomenon in the whole society. In that year, a disaster film “2012” triggered many people’s infinite daydreams about the end of the world. In that year, there were still refuge devices on the Internet, and even Maya’s prediction of the end of 2012 (the reality proved not to be realized). However, as long as there was a situation that would affect people’s future life, Whether it is prophecy or it will take a long time to realize, it will always cause concern.
Today, ChatGPT has been able to do many things. It can not only obtain information quickly, but also edit a large number of complex information quickly. For example, if you see an article on the Internet, it is difficult to distinguish whether the relevant content is actually written by ChatGPT or people if it is not analyzed by professionals word by word.
How many people will use ChatGPT?
At present, Microsoft is probably the most interested in ChatGPT. Both Bing Search and Edge Browser have deeply integrated ChatGPT. Many domestic companies have shown strong interest in ChatGPT.
Although the current ChatGPT capability certainly cannot reach the level of moss in the film “Wandering Earth”, if it is allowed to develop, it may be inevitable to gradually replace part of human work in the future.
I wonder how many of you have used ChatGPT?