3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing technology, is a technology that uses adhesive materials such as powder metal or plastic to construct objects through layer-by-layer printing based on digital model files. Through 3D printing, users can present 3D images in real life in a real and three-dimensional way, which is widely used in personalized customization fields such as industrial product creation, medical hand board production, home creativity and so on.
As the frontier technology of scientific and technological development and industrial production, 3D printing has a very broad prospect. With the continuous development of 3D printing products in new scenes and new applications, the global 3D printing industry as a whole has shown a sustained growth trend. Recently, the domestic printing head brand Hanyin officially released the new high-precision 3D printer F210, enabling ordinary users to experience the portability and creativity of 3D printing.
This 3D printer has an all-metal integrated body, with a classic and solid appearance. Equipped with high standard V-shaped pulley, it has smooth movement, low noise, wear resistance and long service life. The heating plate adopts an excellent lattice glass platform with strong viscosity, and the printing model will not produce warping, which can realize manual rapid mold removal. The new integrated XY-axis tensioner can quickly adjust the belt tightness.
In terms of printing effect, the Hanyin 3D printer F210 is equipped with a new self-developed mute drive motherboard, which has strong anti-interference ability, faster and stable operation performance, and has the function of mute and noise reduction. It can operate at low decibel during the printing process, allowing you to unleash your infinite creativity during the printing process. At the same time, the Hanyin 3D printer F210 has an intelligent protection system that supports continuous printing after power failure. There is no need to worry about unexpected power failure during printing, which saves time and materials; It has a broken material detection function. When it detects that the consumables are broken, it can pause printing in time, and connect the consumables again to continue printing, avoiding empty printing when the consumables are used up.https://www.stoneitech.com/
In addition, the Hanyin 3D printer F210 has its own UI display screen, user-friendly interactive design, simple operation setting, real-time observation of printing progress, and novice can also quickly operate, so that the printing progress is clear at a glance, improving the user experience.
In general, the Hanyin 3D printer F210 has broken the limitations of the production process of individuals and small enterprises in the past, and achieved personalized 3D printing services with high precision and good human-computer interaction experience. Especially in the creation of personalized handicrafts, it can easily meet the needs of creators with low cost and fast production speed, and can provide more ideas and help for creators.
Throughout the development process of various industries around the world, scientific and technological innovation is the top priority. The same is true for the printing industry. In the new era, 3D printing changes the production and manufacturing mode, and is an important technical force leading the era and social change. As the leader of the domestic 2D printing industry, the launch of the 3D printer by Hanyin is another strong market increment of Hanyin in the printing circuit, which means that Hanyin will usher in a new height in the printing circuit