On August 6, AI vision chip R&D and basic computing power platform company “Aixin Technology” announced the completion of A+round financing, with a total amount of hundreds of millions of yuan.
This round of financing is jointly led by Weihao Chuangxin and Meituan. GGV Jiyuan Capital, Meituan Longzhu, Fengyuan Capital, Yuanhe Puhua, Shixi Capital, Tianchuang Capital and Cheng Congwu, founder of Gaode Map, continue to invest. This round of financing funds will be used for product research and development, market expansion, product mass production and business landing and other follow-up development.
Aixin Technology was founded in May 2019, focusing on the research and development of high-performance, low-power artificial intelligence visual processing chips, and independently developing neural network processors for reasoning acceleration. Its first independently developed AI chip, AX630A, has reached mass production status. This artificial intelligence vision chip for edge and end applications can provide high-quality video image quality, support object detection, face recognition and other AI vision tasks with a broad application prospect under the deep combination of algorithm and hardware.
Qiu Xiaoxin, CEO of Aixin Technology, said: “Thanks to the support and trust of A-Plus investors for Aixin Technology. As an AI basic computing platform company focusing on the edge and end, Aixin will continue to layout the application field of edge computing, continue to create differentiated AI vision chips, promote the mass production and landing of new AI chips, and provide stable supply guarantee and full stack solutions for partners. In the future, we hope to further empower AIoT and consumer electronics , intelligent driving and other scenarios, through independent R&D and innovation, to meet the increasing demand for intelligent upgrading in the process of China’s’ new infrastructure ‘construction, to change the world with’ vision ‘and become the enabler of intelligent life. ”
At present, China’s scientific and technological development is in the golden period of “artificial intelligence+semiconductor”, and the demand in smart cities, smart homes, smart manufacturing and other fields is very strong. Under the strong market demand, supplemented by excellent technology and products is the fundamental reason why Aixin Technology continues to win the favor of capital.
Liang Long, Managing Director of Weihao Chuangxin, said: “The next outlet of AI lies in the high integration of algorithms, hardware and systems. Aixin has built a solid infrastructure at the beginning to provide a high-quality platform for the upcoming AI world, promote the integration of multiple sensors, and make AIoT, mobile phones, intelligent driving and other tracks take on a new look because of this integration.”
Zhu Wenqian, Vice President of Meituan Strategy and Investment, said: “With the reduction of hardware costs, a large amount of data is generated at the edge of the network. It is expected that the edge computing power will exceed the cloud computing power in the future, which is just in line with the product application scenario of Aixin. The performance indicators of the first chip of the team led by Dr. Qiu Xiaoxin are excellent. We continue to be optimistic about the landing and development potential of the company’s products in the field of automotive and consumer electronics.”
Fu Jixun, managing partner of GGV Jiyuan Capital, said: “Aixin technology team has the world’s top algorithm, IP, SoC, mass production and production capabilities. The core team has an average of more than 20 years of industry experience, and has a deep accumulation in the field of artificial intelligence and chips. Aixin technology faces a very broad market space. We believe that under the leadership of Dr. Qiu, Aixin technology team will continue to make breakthroughs, eventually become a world-class chip company, and continue to make contributions to the development of all industries Contribution. ”
In May this year, at the 11th Songshan Lake China IC Innovation Summit Forum hosted by the Integrated Circuit Design Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, the AX630A was selected as “the most needed domestic IC promotion product list in China” by virtue of its large computing power, low power consumption and excellent image quality differentiation characteristics. Recently, Aixin Technology also successively appeared at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference “Future Forum of Intelligent Chip Definition Industry” and the 2021 China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Conference and IC Application Expo to show its own technical strength and excellent product performance to the outside world: Aixin Technology AI-ISP technology has a number of core advantages, such as strong dark-light image video processing capability, intelligent analysis capability in dense scenes, multi-channel video structured processing capability, and so on, It can be widely used in smart cities, smart retail, smart communities, smart homes, Internet of Things devices and other scenarios, with a broad application prospect.
After the AX630A entered mass production, the second chip independently developed by Aixin Technology has also been returned and successfully lit. In the future, Aixin Technology will continue to develop more differentiated products on the basis of ensuring the AX630A spot supply, adapt to the complex application environment at the end and edge, enable all industries to realize intelligent development, and truly realize “AI changes life”.
About Aixin Technology
Aixin Technology was founded in May 2019 and is committed to building the world’s leading AI chip. Aixin has set up a full-function team from chip design, research and development to production. Its core members have participated in the design and production of more than 10 chips and have rich experience in product planning and product landing.
Aixin focuses on the research and development of high-performance and low-power AI vision processor chips, and independently develops neural network processors for reasoning acceleration. Integrating powerful computing power and ultra-low power consumption, Aixin improves image quality through neural network and supports multiple AI visual tasks such as object detection and face recognition.
Based on the vertical integration of algorithms, chips and products, Aixin Technology provides partners with full-stack solutions to help customers realize the rapid landing of the latest technology. The company’s core technology products are widely used in smart cities, smart retail, smart communities, smart homes, Internet of Things devices and other fields.